Gary Dyck’s Books

The Photographer’s Will

A murder-mystery / crime novel.

They met over beer at Hooters. Well, Karl drank beer. Rudy drank Coke and Ricky sipped orange juice the barmaid promised was organic. They had little in common and, truth be told, they despised each other. Yet the brothers came together from the far reaches of Canada to say things in person that they didn’t dare say over the phone. Together they laid out a plan to murder their sister. Read more.  Watch the trailer.


Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures

Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures is a collection of outrageously funny short stories. They include tales from my childhood in Canada to the adventures of being married to an American woman. Read more…


Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible

This non-fiction book will encourage readers to anticipate God working miracles in their own lives, doing impossible things, and making the impossible possible.  Read more…


The Beauty of Israel in Photos is a coffee-table style book with beautiful images that reveal the profound Israeli culture from the buildings and beaches of modern-day Jaffa and Tel Aviv to the splendour of ancient Israel. Buy this book through Amazon.