Author Gary Dyck writes humour, murder mysteries, and Christian inspirational books.

Writing fiction

My head is continually full of schemes, plots, and interesting characters. When I was in Russia, I saw a way terrorists could take a thousand tourists captive in an hour. While travelling in Iceland, I had a whole book run through my head about trolls. When I emptied my father-in-law’s house when he moved into a lodge,  I envisioned a story where the person cleaning up after a parent dies discovers a quagmire of secrets. (This novel is coming out soon). I guess I write fiction, because my wife asks me what I am thinking about and it is a little hard to explain in a few minutes.

Writing humour

I’m a terrible joke teller because I always mess up the punch line. But I do know how to set up a story and provide an ending with a twist. Years ago I decided to laugh at myself. Apparently, other people laugh at me too.

Writing non-fiction

God incidences happen. I co-wrote one book about some of these.

Gary N Dyck

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