Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures

Bears, Bobsleds, and Other Misadventures is a collection of outrageously funny stories from the author’s childhood in Canada to the adventures of being married to an American woman.

Here are what a few readers have said:
“I was laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks.” L. Adamson
“I couldn’t catch my breath, I was laughing so hard.” G. Fast
“I hadn’t laughed out loud in years, and I pealed with laughter.” J. Johnson
“From outright hilarious misadventures to subtle nuances of humor, the author takes you on a hysterical ride through life stories. I loved it.” D. Hooper

An excerpt from Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures
Flying High on Love

My wife Babe’s idea of a romantic evening is going out for dinner and then to the symphony. In Paris. Or an evening stroll beside the lake. In Copenhagen. Babe loves to fly. Needless to say, according to her, we’ve not shared many romantic evenings. Just so you understand that I am a romantic...    read more

Humorous short stories
163 pages (print).
Kindle version also available.
Language:‎ English
Genre: humor, comedy, misadventure
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ISBN-13: 9781545608371