Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures

Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures by Gary Dyck

Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures is a collection of outrageously funny short stories. They include tales from my childhood in Canada to the adventures of marrying an American woman. You’ll read about the trouble I got into at school, church, and on the farm. You’ll meet the wacky characters that shared in my misadventures including Cousin Larry, the Geeber, Bruce the Moose and Mrs. Olsen.


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ISBN : 9781545608371


What Readers have said

I was laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. L.Adamson

I couldn’t catch my breath I was laughing so hard. G.Fast (Other)

The story about the BB gun is an absolute fabrication. And the jug hidden behind the dresser. In fact, don’t believe anything he wrote about me. Cousin Larry

I hadn’t laughed out loud in years, and I pealed with laughter. J.Johnson

From outright hilarious misadventures to subtle nuances of humour, the author takes you on a hysterical ride through life stories. I loved it. D.Hooper

The more I read, the funnier it got. And I’m still afraid of water. M.Berta

That woman really was trying to hijack the plane, but it is funny in hindsight. Bruce the Moose

Thanks to Tim Dyck for the amazing front-cover art.