A single image can spark an entire novel.

Gary Dyck’s Story

When I went to university, my goal was to become a writer. Since then, I worked as a milkman, butcher, janitor, vet-lab assistant, truck driver, social worker, clergy, communications advisor, and a few other jobs.  On the first day of my first job as a writer, I realized writing someone else’s story is not as much fun as I thought it would be.

I wrote a few of my own things along the way, mostly poems for my wife. Then one day while on the bus on the way to work, I decided to write a novel I had been contemplating for 30 years about a friend of ours who tried to murder his wife. I started on the back of an envelope, moved on to notebooks, and wrote the whole thing longhand. I typed it out and gave it to my wife for Christmas. I’ve given her a novel every year since. To this point, I haven’t published a novel, but I’ll do that soon.

How did I end up writing Bears, Bobsleds and Other Misadventures when my favourite genre is murder mysteries? While reading one of my novels, my wife came across a paragraph I put in to break the tension and she howled with laughter. That inspired me to put onto paper some of the funny and bizarre things that happened to me over the years.

When I was 18-years old, I had no idea that the best education for writing wasn’t found in the classroom.  It is found in living.

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