The Photographer’s Will

Hans Ulfert, a photographer who made millions taking portraits of the rich, famous and infamous, ends up in the hospital after a heart attack. The hospital staff call his daughter, Adelheid Penner, the emergency contact person listed on a business card in his wallet. Even though Adelheid fled home years previously and the two had scarcely spoken in eighteen years, Addy drops everything and drives three hours to get to the hospital.

Hans Ulfert warns his estranged daughter not to trust her brothers and asks her to destroy his secrets. With no idea what to look for, Addy begins a horrifying journey uncovering one dark secret after another. Each discovery forces her to admit her childhood was nothing close to normal. Even as she questions why her father chose her for this gruesome task, her three brothers set a plan in place to murder her to ensure their place in their father’s will. The photographer suddenly dies, and not of natural causes, and a rookie detective discovers that each of Hans Ulfert’s children has motive to kill him. Watch the trailer.

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Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd