Miracles Your Impossible Is Possible!

Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible!

Gary and LeeAnne Dyck

We all need miracles. And, more than ever, the world around us is looking for something and Someone beyond themselves. Even many churchgoers believe that miracles happened so far back in history that believing in them is like believing in fairy tales. And yet they wish such a thing could be true.

Miracles: Your Impossible is Possible! is the inspirational, nonfiction story of one couple’s miracle-filled walk. The amazing things God did for them will blow your mind. Their story will encourage you, challenge your faith down to its roots, and spur you on to things you only dreamed about. It is time you knew that absolutely nothing is impossible.

This autobiographical collection of miraculous stories includes accounts of healing, financial miracles, food multiplying, lost items miraculously returned, and raising the dead.

148 pages (print). Kindle version also available.
Language: ‎English
Genre: religion, Christian, true
ISBN-13: 9781498495400